November 2012

Art Jewelry

Kalmbach Publishing Co

  • 21027 Crossroads Circle P.O. Box 1612
  • Waukesha, WI




$61.95 per year

Launched in 2004, Art Jewelry Magazine is an international print magazine published 6 times a year that, according to its website, "inspires creativity and teaches beginner, intermediate and advanced jewelry makers how to make one–of–a–kind handmade jewelry." They publish "how–to projects on making jewelry using metals, metal clay, wire, metal sheet, gems, enamel, chain mail, enamel, polymer clay, resin, and more!" Techniques and tricks of the trade are offered, as well as unique approaches and additional methods for facilitating construction. Different tools and supplies are featured, with descriptions and tutorials on how to use them.

Art Jewelry focuses on artists and designers, highlighting their stories and work. This offers a fun perspective on how people work, design and create, and offers insight and inspiration from a variety of different sources. The magazine advertisements are a good resource, with information about suppliers, classes, and materials. Helpful step-by-step tutorials can be found in the magazine as well, with techniques and projects presented in a very accessible manner. Art Jewelry offers a lot of useful information for the home jeweler or hobbyist.

Reviewed by FIDM Library Staff Member Alex Kosztowny