November 2012

Big Brand Theory

Sandu Publishing

  • 404-408 No 25 Sha Yuan Rd Middle Changgang Road
  • Guangzhou , China

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Through a wide survey of successful brand campaigns, "Big Brand Theory" allows readers to identify what gives a brand weight and power. Ian Lynam, a Tokyo-based multi-disciplinary designer, frames the work with the concept of "design thinking." He points out that he is increasingly called on to advise on products as much as to create the aesthetic information surrounding them. He argues that in the art of manipulating desire, aesthetics can’t promise quality and deliver a cheap product. Authenticity can only be achieved when a branding concept touches every part of the product.

The examples of brand campaigns are divided into chapters: Lifestyle Goods and Services, Food & Drink, Fashion, and Culture & Promotion. Fashion is a sizable chapter and includes Asian brands and campaigns likely unfamiliar to the American consumer.

The featured designs include:

  • Tins for chocolate covered nuts that look like melted chocolate. Shapes of pecans or almonds pressed into them both explain and look like the contents of the packaging.
  • A Hong Kong Starbucks with a first ever traditional "bing sutt" corner.
  • Modular fonts for a modular Issey Miyake bag. Each has infinite configurations.
  • Soda with calorie counts placed right at the lip of the bottle. The consumer is more conscious of how many calories consumed, yet assured through the low number that they made the right choice.
  • A department store’s gift bags are printed on the inside with a man and a woman puckering up on either side so that when the bag is held closed, they kiss.

The design firms that produced this work are represented in the index with a short blurb about their company and their web address. For those interested in starting a career in graphic design, especially as applied to the fashion industry, this list is a unique collection of companies leading through innovative creative work from around the world.

Reviewed by FIDM Library Staff Member Caroline Bautista