November 2011

Don’t read just any blog. Why not read a blog filled with inspirations and ideas from a writer and interior design consultant herself? Holly Becker launched her blog over five years ago and has been inspiring designers ever since! You will always find up–to–date information (pictures, articles, contests, projects) because the site is updated daily. Holly also writes a weekly column for Real Simple and participates in other blogs on the internet. The pictures are amazing, and the advice is great. Be prepared to be sucked into a world of design!

Some key features of this site include:

  • Alphabetical list of must-stop shops for the traveling person
  • Holly’s "Faves" showing categories of inspirations, interviews, Etsy, blogs, books, etc.
  • An "e"course" on how to blog including marketing your blog, overcoming writer’s block, creative post ideas, building blog readership, and much more
  • Below each post are featured previous related blogs that may be of interest
  • Fairs, conventions, and the like are visited
  • Holly comments about experiences and pictures
  • Many of Holly’s blog postings have world views and inspirations because she lives in Germany
  • Looking at this blog from a technical and visual perspective, it is very appealing. Even though there are several posts loading on the welcome page, the blog does not overload your computer or your senses. The colors used are very calm and soothing, and the pictures make you want to scroll farther down the page. You can spend a lot of time browsing through the "Faves" section, going from one category to another. You will leave feeling inspired and probably have a few ideas, so it is not a waste of time! The only potential downside to the blog is if you like a different design style. Her blog does seem to stick to a very Anthropologie-like color scheme and style. Nonetheless, the blog is worth a look and may even make a spot in your favorites!

    Reviewed by Library Staff Member – Valerie Muscarella – OC