November 2010

Make-Up Artist

Key Publishing Group

  • 4018 NE 112th Avenue <br /> St. D-8
  • Vancouver, WA 98682, USA



$24.95 per year U.S./$29.95 Canada&Mexico/$49.95 International

abc Make-Up Artist xyz magazine was created in 1996 by Emmy®-Award winning make-up artist Michael Key. It publishes six issues a year and is read in over 50 countries. Other than creating a forum for make-up professionals to learn from each other, Key’s objectives for the magazine were to educate the public, show emerging producers and directors how excellent make-up artists could improve the quality of their films, and provide cosmetic companies with an opportunity to reach their target clientele. Within its publication, the magazine features:

•  Articles on the entertainment industry’s top make-up artists
•  The most innovative make-up techniques
•  Current product news
•  Invaluable industry information available nowhere else

With a cover advertising its scope as “Motion Picture, Television, Theater, Print,” abc Make-Up Artist xyz is full of glossy pages featuring detailed photographs of various artists’ handiwork (which can get quite gory in the Halloween issue!) as well as new products and techniques in action. The reader gets a close look at all types of make-up artistry, from theater production to bridal trends. However, perhaps the most interesting insight comes from features about make-up projects of familiar motion pictures, including interviews with the artists themselves. “Industry Buzz” sections, information about trade shows and conferences, and innovative technique features are just some of what make this publication a great resource for those in the industry or aspiring make-up artists, not to mention the eye-catching photographs and interesting interviews that would engage the general reader as well.

Reviewer: Emily Teeple, FIDM Library Staff Member,S.F.