November 2009

Flaunt Magazine

Flaunt Magazine

  • 1422 North Highland Avenue
  • Los Angeles, CA

(323) 836-1000


Monthly with combined issues Nov/Dec and June/July

$60.00 per year per year

abc FLAUNT xyz magazine is an independent lifestyle publication that started as a luxury fashion title in 1998, and has since evolved to feature both serious and playful issues regarding fashion, art, film, music, media, and literature. Each issue is based on a specific theme (such as “Fashion,” “Men,” and “Supernatural”), and the features and columns correspond to that particular theme. Although the magazine differs in subject, and even size and paper type with each issue, there is a common format followed with each publication. Beginning with a miscellaneous section of entries that often include music, art, and individual profiles, the sections continue with “Features,” “Fashion,” and “Columns & Reviews.”

Although less known than other fashion publications like abc Vogue, Elle xyz , and abc W, FLAUNT xyz offers an interesting alternative to mainstream fashion analysis while featuring popular material in the art and entertainment industries. The editors pride themselves on breaking new ground and being an outlet for outsider culture. Artistic full page photography complements the varying page layouts to keep the reader interested and engaged in the wide range of information offered in this magazine. Those looking for something a little different in their fashion culture reading should check out abc FLAUNT xyz .

Reviewer: Emily Teeple, FIDM Library Staff Member, O.C.