November 2008

Surface Design

Surface Design Association

  • P.O. Box 360
  • Sebastopol, CA

(707) 829-3110



$50 a year with membership to Surface Design Association per year

abc Surface Design xyz , the journal of the Surface Design Association, encompasses the coloring, patterning and structuring of fiber and fabric. The journal involves the creative exploration of processes such as dying, printing, stitching, embellishing, quilting, weaving, knitting, felting and paper making.

Simply to hold abc Surface Design xyz is a treat due to its high quality printing and creative layouts. Anyone with an interest in textile design, or simply art and design in general, is surely to enjoy the quality of the photo spreads throughout the journal with their rich colors and patterns.

Some highlights of the magazine include the following:

  • In depth profiles of textile designers.
  • Sources for purchasing textiles.
  • Critical analysis of textile design.
  • Announcements of exhibitions and conferences relating to the field.

One of the regular features of abc Surface Design xyz is “Spotlight On Education”. This is a forum where those interested in working in this field can review and become more familiar with schools that specialize in surface design. Information on the facilities and curriculum are offered along with details on how to get more information on that particular school. This magazine is truly a feast for the eye and worth reading for the professional and novice alike.

Reviewer: Tawny Sverdlin, FIDM Library Staff Member