November 2007

Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

While there are some who might consider browsing the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) website an unsatisfying alternative to walking through any one of the beautifully orchestrated on-going exhibits, I ask them to re-consider that conclusion. Yes, at first glance, the home page of MOCA’s website seems undifferentiated from other museum website home pages which provides links to fairly ubiquitous features such as:

  • Exhibitions
  • Collections
  • Visitor Information, etc

However, there is one link which deserves virtual browsers’ attention. The abc Collections xyz link opens the door to a wonderful database of images and other valuable information available through audio and podcast options (e.g., Art Talk lectures, audio tours, and discussions by some of the artists). The link also allows non-museum goers, access to:

  • a selection of permanent collection items,
  • the MOCA Research Library, and
  • a Digital Gallery

MOCA’s website is a wonderful, virtual alternative to visiting the museum in person. Avid museum goers short on time will find their need for art satisfied by browsing this graphically appealing and informative website.

Reviewer: Lucy Bellamy, FIDM Library Staff Member