November 2007



  • 1243 West 7th Avenue
  • Vancouver, BC

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$35.00 per year/ U.S. and Canada $40.00 per year/International per year

Journal of the Mental Environment

abc Adbusters xyz is a nonprofit magazine primarily concerned with the influence that commercial and advertising forces have on modern cultural environments. The magazine is based in British Columbia though most of its readership is based in the United States and has been featured in hundreds of both alternative and mainstream media outlets around the world. The magazine states that the magazine is dedicated to “examining the relationship between human beings and their physical and mental environment.” In other words, the magazine strives to create discussion about capitalist culture through visual art, articles, and critical writing.

Some key features in the magazine and website include:

  • Ethical alternatives choices for clothing (hemp and cruelty-free garments).
  • An active call for art and writing submissions by readers.
  • Excellent editorial letters featured in the beginning of each issue.
  • Reviews of worldwide art exhibitions.
  • Cutting edge graphic design.

Though the print magazine is abc Adbusters' xyz primary method of publishing its website, ( they also offers an archive of past articles and photos. Most readers of the magazine will discover that the content is stirring albeit disturbing. Whether or not one agrees with the political bias that the magazine represents abc Adbusters xyz is excellent fodder for critical thinking.

Reviewer: Tawny Sverdlin, FIDM Library Staff Member