November 2005

Advertising Age

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The International Newspaper of Marketing

abc Advertising Age xyz is a weekly publication that serves as the foremost source of information for the advertising, media, and marketing industries. With over 200,000 individual professionals weaved into its readership, abc Advertising Age xyz is able to remain at the top of all news breaking stories, trends and ideas. The October 10 issue highlights some of the recent CEBA award winners as well as a special report on mega brands such as number one (Verizon) and number ten (Honda).

abc Advertising Age xyz has satellite offices covering major American cities as well as London, England. With a foundation established over more than a decade ago, this magazine has the immediate ability and outstanding relationships from key market decision makers from all over the world.

abc xyz serves as a complimentary website to abc Advertising Age xyz . Established in 1995 and audited by ABC, abc xyz has constant international updates and e-mail alerts. Weekly abc xyz is visited over 91,000 times by inside professionals and runs over 57,000 hits by unique users.

Whether showcasing an article on television buyers or revealing the management talent at hot spots like the Pepsi company, abc Advertising Age xyz and abc xyz are able to deliver ever time and right away.

Reviewer: Francisco Murillo, FIDM Library Staff Member