November 2005

Dress Smart: A Guide to Effective Personal Packaging

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A Crash Course In Dressing Like The Stars

What communicates self-confidence and personality without saying a word? Our clothing speaks volumes about our personal style, goals, lifestyle, and budget. In abc Dress Smart xyz , Anne Fenner and Sandi Bruns have organized this useful guide into chapters spotlighting different ways to find everyone’s personal style. The authors take various aspects such as body types and show how to emphasize positive attributes and how to downplay our least favorite ones. They also take into account the different work environments and the ever changing ‘business-casual’ dress code.

It is not necessary to read the entire book chapter by chapter. It is easy to apply the tips and ideas the authors suggest immediately. Whereas many books are exclusive to women finding flattering clothing, abc Dress Smart xyz doesn’t leave out the men that are opting to update their style, switching career paths, and even those that are just plain tired of hearing the women in their lives complain about their t-shirts and sweatpants.

Each chapter contains questionnaires to help determine what clothing a person is most comfortable wearing, what reflects their personality and most importantly, what clothing communicates who they are.

Style is the totality of your personality. It includes:

  • Your personality
  • The way you walk and talk
  • Everything unique to you

One of the most valuable pieces of information in this book was the difference between having style and being stylish. Having style shouldn’t be confused with being stylish. A stylish person is fashionable, and depends on ever-changing even fickle fashions. It is nearly impossible to have genuine style while being a slave to fashion. However, it is possible to include some of the latest trends and incorporate them into your style. abc Dress Smart xyz demonstrates to us that there is no need to overhaul your classic cashmere and pearls wardrobe for bohemian skirts and chunky bracelets all in the name of fashion.

Reviewer: Melissa Rubio, FIDM Library Staff Member