November 2001


Set The Pace Publishing Group

  • 4237 Los Nietos Drive
  • Los Angeles, CA



$27.50 per year per year

abc Your Connection To The World of Freelance Hair, Makeup and Fashion Stylists... xyz

abc 1st Hold xyz , published quarterly by Set the Pace Publishing Group, is a magazine dedicated to the world of freelance hair, makeup and fashion stylists for television, video, film and fashion. This magazine is also relevant to the world of cosmetics and hair care, with information on application techniques, trends and interviews with industry insiders.

abc 1st Hold xyz contains...

  • The latest industry news
  • Information on upcoming trade shows
  • Features on cutting edge agencies
  • Advice on negotiating your contract
  • Job prospects and leads

So if you are looking for a comprehensive source that will tell you how to put together your portfolio, where to research job leads or you just want to stay on top of breaking news, abc 1st Hold xyz is one magazine you won't want to miss.

Reviewer: Monika Earle., FIDM Library Staff Member