May 2012

Cassandra Daily describes itself as a “free daily newsletter and website featuring relevant trends and cool social happenings of the day.” Distributed by one of the top marketing firms in the business, The Intelligence Group (IG), Cassandra Daily provides valuable insight into the dynamic creative markets that the youth market is flooding, including fashion and entertainment. Readers can derive key indicators of the ever-changing youth lifestyle as well inspiration as to what products or services could be the next best thing.

The content is organized and easy-to-navigate. Subscribing to the newsletter (or setting up an RSS feed) delivers the information to you every day. You can read the newsletter in its entirety, or just focus on the content that is most important or relevant to your interests. Even the categories suggest that the publishers know their audience, breaking the stories into:

  • Tech
  • Style
  • Life
  • Media
  • Play

You might be tempted to skim over some of the entries, but I encourage you to take the minute or two to read each because you just might be surprised at what you'll discover.

IG uses a variety of information gathering methods (surveys, focus groups, etc.) to understand the fluctuating, diverse interests of this multi-tasking, fast-paced group, and then condenses the information for your consumption. Whether you are a designer, product developer, buyer, or visual communications student, Cassandra Daily will offer information that will help you not only learn more about this market segment, but also inspire you in developing products and services that capture the youth market's attention.

Reviewed by FIDM Library Staff Member Lucy Bellamy