May 2012

Wrath of the Titans
Presented By:
Warner Bros.

Run Time 99.0

In this sequel to 2010's Clash of the Titans, Perseus, the demigod son of Zeus, is attempting to live a quieter life as a fisherman and the sole parent to his ten-year-old son, Helius. In the opening sequence, we see that this quiet life is not going to work, as a struggle is raging between the gods and the Titans which threatens humanity, and Perseus is needed to fight the bad guys. Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, and Ralph Fiennes are back for this sequel.

Let's get this part out of the way: Wrath is better than Clash. That may be the result of Wrath being an original story instead of a remake of an earlier movie, or costing more to make, or having a new director. I did not see the 3D version, but other reviewers say 3D is better employed in Wrath, since it was planned to be used from the start instead of being a post-production add-on. Neither film has much plot, but Wrath has better action scenes. Many times during the movie, I found myself tensely leaning forward and holding my breath, waiting to see what would happen next. The underworld labyrinth and Tartarus, the prison holding the Titans and Kronos, father of Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon, are amazing set pieces which must look even better in 3D.

As a big budget action film, this one definitely entertains, and it isn't the worst way you could spend an hour and a half in a movie theater.

Reviewer: Michael Black, FIDM Museum Coordinator