May 2009

Paper Illusions

Harry N. Abrams

  • 115 West 18th Street
  • New York , NY

(212) 206-7715

The book abc Paper Illusions xyz is amazing and astounding.

It reflects the exquisite paper art of Isabelle de Borchgrave, an artist and designer from Belgium. She has devoted herself with passion to dresses, shoes, accessories, and objects made of paper. Paper has been transformed into visions of beautiful clothing. She cuts, folds, paints and glues her paper costumes, creating illusions of fabric such as renaissance - era brocades, silks, lace and trims. Every single detail, buttons, brooches, jewelry and even hairdos, hats, and vases are made of paper.

This book demonstrates how paper is a magical material. From our childhood years, we express our imaginations with the help of paper. We turn paper into new shapes, we color it or cover it with numbers, letters and symbols. We use it for newspapers, tissue paper, wallpaper, note books and for printing money.

Isabelle de Borchagrave knows all the secrets of paper: how it crackles and rustles, how to fold and paint it. She’s an illusionist who uses pencils, paint, pastels and brushes to make us believe that we see a real garment in front of us.

This book is a visual feast. The vivid photographs by René Stoeltie make you literally breathe in the atmosphere. He placed the period costumes into real settings. Beautiful parks and rococo castles provide the background for this book which is a celebration of creativity, color, beauty and elegance.

Reviewer: Kristine Upesleja, FIDM Library Staff Member