May 2008


Downtown Media Group, LLC

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  • New York, NY



Bi-Monthly per year

abc Tokion xyz is a bi-monthly magazine that covers the fledgling street culture and its influence on the world. Tokion was originally founded in 1996 by two expatriates from the United States living in Tokyo. Initially, the goal of this periodical was to educate the American reader with Japanese style and vice versa. By the early millennium, the headquarters relocated to New York City and began to offer a more global and diverse cultural approach to their content.

abc Tokion xyz covers an array of creative genres. Up-and-coming as well as established artists are covered with a distinct goal of going beyond a general interview. Features revolve around collaborations and special projects that forego contemporary standards. Photographers, fashion designers, cinema, world events and the works of multi-media artists all join in to produce a kaleidoscope of influential and stimulating experiences.

abc Tokion xyz magazine also serves as a foundation for The website takes off where it’s physical copy leaves off. Updated on a regular basis,, is able to counteroffer the magazine’s articles by promoting extra content that would not be found otherwise. TokionFM is a side project that covers musical acts found to be on the forefront of ber modern sound. Book Reports generates buzz for art-type books redefining the way information is presented. Family is a list of links that hook the viewer to their self-professed peers and heroic influences. All in all, the website is a rather evolving experience to come across but not to be replaced with all the good the magazine editions also offers.

Reviewer: Francisco Murillo, FIDM Library Staff Member