May 2005


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A Horti-Cultural View

Have you ever heard of a flower forecasting book? How about a magazine with a quote from Vincent van Gogh stating, “Paint your garden as it is?” Better than that, how about a recipe for Wild Pansy Soup or Cream of Broccoli soup with Mimosa (the flower)?

abc Bloom xyz is all that, and more. abc Bloom xyz is the creation of Li Edelkoort. She is also editor-in-chief of iNview and View on Colour. In terms of the visual delights, the delicious color and texture, abc Bloom xyz is a treasure trove of inspiration for the designer or artist within each one of us. It is also fashion, interior design, graphics, an artistic garden where one can open its pages and travel at the speed of nature, i.e. abc slowly xyz and with amazement at how one never noticed these flowers, leaves, grasses, stems and soil to be quite as beautiful as they are depicted in abc Bloom xyz .

abc Bloom xyz is a very special magazine. It is a prediction of things to come, in our lifestyles and our home and work environments. It is the acknowledgement that design, whether industrial or ethereal is derived from all things in nature. Along with insightful articles concerning current and future trends, and some social commentary, the beautifully photographed bulbs, roots, colors and flowers that pour forth from abc Bloom xyz ’s pages are testament to the mystery and awe nature can provide. When used as a means of inspiration, abc Bloom xyz is a boost to the creative spirit and an invaluable tool for artists, designers and those who simply appreciate what life and nature has to offer.

Reviewer: Cynthia Aaron, FIDM Library Staff Member