May 2004

Visual Merchandising And Store Design

ST Media Group International

  • 407 Gilbert Avenue
  • Cincinnati, OH




Visual Merchandising and Store Design (VM & SD) is a trade publication that gives the reader an immediate impression of what to expect just from its title. However, it separates itself from other retail magazines by focusing on giving the reader the very best of current innovations in the industry as well as keeping an eye towards the future.

The April 2004 issue spotlighted the following:

  • Timberland’s new flagship store in Tokyo.
  • Van’s expands its SoCal style to London.
  • The sensory stimulation of the Michael K store in SoHo.
  • The use of theatrical lighting in retail.

In addition to having great features each month the aspect that really reflects VM ? SD’s attitude of keeping the reader aware of future innovations are the editorials. In this issue an author discusses the topic of reinterpretation in the 90’s and our current decade and its effect not only in store design, but also in art, movies, and fashion and asks the question, “Where are the New Classics of Tomorrow?” It’s a great article that speaks to and challenges anyone who considers him or herself a designer or artist.

VM ? SD chooses to focus on content and has very few advertisements compared to similar publications. It’s filled with great photos that visually relate the information of each article. Whether you’re major is Visual Merchandising or Graphic Design or you are just curious, you’ll take away something invaluable from this magazine. Give it a look!

Reviewer: Brian Seguin, FIDM Library Staff Member