May 2002

VM & SD (Visual Merchandising & Store Design)

ST Media Group International

  • 407 Gilbert Avenue
  • Cincinnati, OH



$42.00/per year per year

abc A Guide To Visual Merchandising And Store Design... xyz

Are you wondering where you can find a mannequin directory? Are you curious about how E*Trade went about collaborating on their New York flagship? Are you looking for a survey of the Top 50 Retail Design Firms? This is just a sample of what is available on a monthly basis within the pages of abc VM & SD xyz , your guide to visual merchandising and store design.

Typical monthly "Departments" include:

  • Portfolio - Highlights of windows and store interiors including photos and accompanying articles.
  • Industry News - A variety of news and information such as awards, relocations, store openings, management changes, business watch and more.
  • Event Preview - Global Show 2002, EuroShop ShopEast, The Review of the abc VM & SD xyz International Retail Design Conference.
  • Calendar - Dates and descriptions for competitions and events.
  • Checking Out The final page which has a Q & A with different personalities from the abc VM & SD xyz world.

abc VM & SD xyz contains articles with resources for lighting, fixtures, mannequins, signage, holiday and decorative manufacturers and more! The January issue is the Buyer.s Guide to manufacturers, distributors, products and services. abc VM & SD xyz is invaluable for anyone involved with or interested in this creative industry.

Reviewer: Justine Mandelbaum., FIDM Library Staff Member