March 2013

Mother Earth Living

Ogden Publications, Inc.

  • 1503 SW 42nd St.
  • Topeka, Kansas



$19.95 per year

The magazine Mother Earth Living, a new title that we have at FIDM, considers itself "the authority on green lifestyle and design." While the title is new, the magazine recently formed when Natural Home & Garden and The Herb Companion merged. Mother Earth Living does indeed provide a wealth of information about practical and beautiful ways to maintain a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Recent issues of Mother Earth Living featured articles about natural cosmetics, green architecture and interior design, as well as healthy foods. There’s an article on how to make eco-friendly Christmas ornaments (as well as where to buy them), and a profile of a newly designed house in Ann Arbor made from reclaimed wood and sustainable materials. In one issue, you can learn how to make your own cosmetics, and discover which natural ingredients provide specific benefits for your skin. Tea tree oil in lotion, for example, is a natural anti-bacterial, while aloe vera is naturally soothing.

What’s great about Mother Earth Living is that it has a balanced approach to living a green lifestyle. If you can’t make your own cosmetics, there are articles on organic cosmetics available to purchase. Likewise, if you can’t grow your own herbs, it profiles several reputable companies that make herbal supplements. Mother Earth Living is a great resource for those who want to go green!

Reviewed by FIDM Library Staff Member Mollie Jones