March 2012

IdN (International designers Network)

Systems Design Limited

  • 4th Floor Jonsim Place, 228 Queens Road East
  • Wanchai, Hong Kong, China

852 2528 5744

fax852 2529 1296


$115 per year

The table of contents for IdN magazine gives one a clue that this magazine is not like any other graphic design magazine. For one thing, the paper being used is not glossy, but matte, as if recycled. The text is kept to a minimum and the images are dense and collage-like in presentation.

One article, titled "Making a Lasting Impression," is all about creating a good logo for your brand identity. Seventeen leading logo designers discuss the subject and give accounts of their own best efforts in the field.

IdN has many graphic design company profiles spread throughout the magazine, giving readers inspiration for their own companies. Whether the reader is a professional in the field or just starting out, many good ideas for running a graphic design business can be found.

Innovative websites are also profiled, such as, which takes a live video feed of your face and combines it into a stop-motion dream world. Over all, IdN magazine has very useful information for the current design world and is helpful for students hoping to break into the graphic design business.

Reviewed by FIDM Library Staff Member Norris Hambrick