March 2011

Textile Design majors looking for private scholarships? Business majors in need of who's-who directories in the technical world of textiles? Recent grads looking for textile careers? The website of the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists ( is replete with information specialized for technical aspects of textiles.

The AATCC is a non-profit group with offices in North Carolina. They perform the following services, each of which has its separate link on the front page of the website:

  • Publish a trade journal
  • Organize events such as trade conferences
  • Sell textile-testing supplies and publications
  • Run student textile competitions
  • Offer student scholarships
  • Connect employers and job-seekers in technical textiles
  • Organize topic-pecific networking and discussion forums for the textile industry
  • Maintain a members-only directory to other members, including corporate members

The hyperlinks are clear and clutter-free here. The ads are unobtrusive and they finely target textiles testing, production, and regulations, so you are not going to get lost on this site. Although the site is mostly directed towards serious industry users, the Students link is quite rich, and even includes information on undergraduate textiles research grants.

Reviewer: Ruth Chung, FIDM Library Staff Member