March 2010



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11 times per year

$19.95 per year/U.S. per year

Founded in 1902, abc ARTnews xyz magazine has a readership from around the world that includes collectors, dealers, historians, artists, curators, and enthusiasts. It is published eleven times a year and reports on art, personalities, events, issues, and trends that shape the international art world. abc ARTnews xyz provides balanced coverage of contemporary art, and offers profiles of modern artists and old masters in a style that both informs and entertains the reader.

According to the publication’s website at, they employ a world-wide network of correspondents that provide investigative reports, criticism, and opinions on a wide array of topics in the art world. They have recently expanded their content to include:

  • Profiles of notable collectors, museum directors, and scholars
  • Travel information corresponding to art collections
  • Inside views of the art market
  • Design world reports

True to its claims, a browse through the magazine will show that this is not just a booklet filled with various art images. abc ARTnews xyz primarily presents textual information about current issues within the vast art world, from a newly recognized modern artist, to plans of a Russian contemporary art museum, to new developments in treaties involving Egypt’s antiquities. The publication also includes reviews on exhibitions and books, with extended descriptions and images. abc ARTnews xyz is a must-read for anyone involved in the art world and would even interest those not familiar with art-related figures and issues; the content is diverse enough to satisfy a wide array of art styles and interests.

Reviewer: Emily Teeple, FIDM Library Staff Member, Orange County