March 2009


Inspiration Press Corp.

  • Zurichsrasse 98, Postfach

41 44 910 32 30

$135.00 per year/£68.00 per year

abc Inspiration xyz is the “International Publication for Best Visual Store Design and Merchandising,” as the magazine label states. It is published out of Switzerland and produces six issues per year. This publication reviews and profiles various retail displays from around the world, featuring specific stores or display designers. Large, glossy, and colorful pictures give the reader a close-up view of creative and innovative displays, accompanied by brief explanations and narratives about the subject. The editors often discuss major city centers (i.e., Milan, New York, Los Angeles, Zurich, etc.) and what they offer in terms of retail spaces and interesting visual displays.

The subjects of the magazine are not limited to retail environments; anything visually interesting has a spot on their pages. The magazine also features art museums, hotels, restaurants, and theaters, as well as specific events and parties, that display extraordinary and creative interior design, ambience, and visual production.

The magazine begins with a letter to the readers from the publisher/editor, and follows with the “For Insiders” section, where the bulk of the reviews and profiles of specific window displays, retail spaces, and designers are located. The rest of the publication features the analysis of specific design elements, profiles of various locations, industry news, and award notifications. This is a great resource for Visual Communication students or anyone interested in how to attract and inspire people with visual displays. abc Inspiration xyz magazine is a window into the most creatively designed environments in the world, and lives up to its name in its own visual design.

Reviewer: Rachel Clarke, FIDM Library Staff Member