March 2008

The Web Museum Paris at is a beautifully organized virtual collection of art work exhibits.  This website features an extensive glossary and artist index for both general interest browsing and research; opening a virtual door to art not otherwise seen without the benefit of an in-person stroll through the more traditional “bricks and mortar” museum.

The site is the product of a single, passionate art enthusiast that developed it “in the spirit of open information exchange,” and attributes its success to the many generous collaborators who contribute and edit its content.  While this may cause concern regarding the information’s credibility; still, the information provides a general enough starting point from which to further explore using more conventional and authoritative resources.

Most entries include:

  • Artist biographical information
  • References to the art period or theme to which the artist is related
  • Images representing the artist’s work
  • Links to additional sources

There is no charge to access the site and is absolutely worth the time to browse without the pressure of an imminent assignment.  Whether you are looking for a specific artist, theme, or art period, the Web Museum Paris website is a great place to start the journey.

Reviewer: Lucy Bellamy, FIDM Library Staff Member