March 2008


New Traditionalists Industries

  • 3111 Los Feliz Boulevard, Suite 100
  • Los Angeles, CA

(323) 669-8819



$50.00 per year U.S./$75.00 Canada per year

"More than just reporting on culture, SWINDLE influences it.  They believe in the humanization and personalization of design, and present all of their stories-luscious fashion spreads, artist profiles or social & political issues around the globe-with a cutting-edge aesthetic.”

Swindle is one of the definitive pop culture and lifestyle publications on the market today, bringing with it a definitive cutting-edge flavor of design.  Swindle describes itself as utilizing a wide range of illustrators, photographers and writers from around the world and delivers its content with an intellectual and unique perspective.  Swindle offers its back issues via its website.

Highlights of the magazine include the following:

  • The event section of its website features a variety of art, music, and fashion events around the country.
  • Its availability in hardcover and soft cover format.
  • A staff of accomplished contributors.
  • Candid and insightful portraits of current movers and shakers in design.
  • A snapshot of current trends amongst educated, city-dwelling young adults.

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Reviewer: Tawny Sverdlin, FIDM Library Staff Member