March 2007

International Fragrance Association

A Quarter Century Of Leadership For The World Wide Fragrance Industry 

Fragrance is chemistry and, as such, is always one step away from a lawsuit.  One way the industry combats the threat is with the International Fragrance Association, a conglomeration of national associations, whose goal is to self-regulate the industry they serve.  The mission additionally is 3 pronged: to do science, lobby for legislation and regulations and to raise membership, and thus gain control, over the fragrance producers and users of the world.

The website is valuable to FIDM students because it includes acronyms used by the industry; information about the Code of Practice; and, under Codes and Standards, in depth information about chemical compounds, their uses, effects and regulations.  The links page is extensive, ranging from societies abc (like Society of Cosmetic xyz abc Chemists) xyz , to trade organizations abc (International Inventory of Cosmetic Ingredients) xyz , to government bureaus abc (like National Toxicology Program), xyz to journals abc (like Flavour & xyz abc Fragrance Journal). xyz For ease of use, they also provide links to such categories as: Trade Organizations, Toxicology and Professional Societies, Government Sites and Other Groups of Interest. And, if in doubt where to vacation, there is a list of events and conferences to select from.

Reviewer: Carol Kerr Buckles, FIDM Library Staff Member