March 2007

Fast Company

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abc Fast Company xyz is a monthly business magazine unlike any other. In a field oversaturated with investment schemes and CEO worship, abc Fast Company xyz offers a refreshingly unique perspective. For example, a recent article profiles an investment fund attempting to combine philanthropy and profit. In fact, this effort to “do well and do good,” as the article puts it, forms the basis of abc Fast Company xyz ’s approach to business. The magazine operates under the assumption that companies can make the world a better place, and they can make money doing it.

To explore this innovative idea, abc Fast Company xyz questions conventional entrepreneurial strategies and managerial techniques. It considers new business models—those based on emerging technologies or a commitment to sustainability, for example—as well as the social impact that such models may have on the rest of the world. The magazine highlights the importance of attractive, functional design. It promotes creativity and innovation. And it looks deeply into the intersections of commerce and culture to find new ways of working, living, and thinking.

Of course, these developments often open up new markets, creating needs for savvy companies to fill. Despite its lofty ambitions, abc Fast Company xyz never loses its focus on what makes a business succeed. But its definition of success incorporates far more than a company’s bottom line.

Reviewer: San Francisco Jeremy Salfen, FIDM Library Staff Member