March 2006

Figure Magazine

Brinsights, LLC

  • 548 Broadway, Suite 711
  • New York, NY




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Looking for the latest in plus-sized fashions? Try abc Figure xyz magazine. A fashion-forward magazine for the plus-sized set, abc Figure xyz is out to change the stereotype surrounding full-figured clothing. Flipping through this magazine it is evident that larger women have a lot more options than ever before. 

A bi-monthly magazine, abc Figure xyz doesn’t focus solely on the clothing. Peppered around the smart and sexy fashion spreads are articles on such subjects as how to improve one’s credit rating, the importance of family, and planning the prefect cocktail party. As for the fashions themselves, the majority of the clothing is actually fashionable and colorful, a departure from the “only black is slimming” mentality. Items such as lingerie, swimwear and maternity are mentioned in almost every issue.

Not only a resource for the fashionably inclined, students looking for plus-sized body types to sketch and study will find a wealth of options. The body shapes addressed within this magazine run the plus-sized gamut; tall, petite, young and old.

Whether for fun or for edification, abc Figure xyz is a good magazine resource for those interested in this rapidly growing segment of the population.

Reviewer: Sophie Lalazarian, FIDM Library Staff Member