March 2004

Toile de Jouy

Thames & Hudson USA

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Printed Textiles In The Classic French Style

Toile de Jouy (twahl duh jzoo-wee), does this term sound familiar to you? Chances are you might have sat on it, worn it, or seen it on your desk as your favorite stationary. Toile de Jouy is defined as a floral or scenic design on cotton, linen, silk fabric, wallpaper, stationary, etc. abc Toile xyz means abc cloth xyz in French, abc Jouy xyz is a town located in France. This kind of fabric is named after the Manufacturer Royale de Jouy (Royal Factory of Jouy). Jouy-en-Josas is a little town near Versailles, Southwest of Paris.

abc When did these colorful prints become fashionable? xyz In the Middle Ages in Europe it was rare to find clothing with decorative images. Toile de Jouy motifs were originally Indian painted cottons that were introduced by Portuguese explorers in the 15th century.

Toile de Jouy-Printed Textiles in the Classic French Style, is an essential reference book for designers and decorators as well as for anyone interested in learning the impact that the history of textiles has had on the fashions of today. This book is beautifully illustrated with over 270 images in color.

This book provides the reader with useful resources such as:

  • Where to find Toile de Jouy fabrics today
  • Surviving designs
  • Textile collections in International museums and much more...

Toile de Jouy-Printed Textiles in the Classic French Style, is an educational resource that serves the purpose of educating as well as inspiring its readers. For anyone interested in the history of textiles or design, or looking for fresh ideas for interior decor, this book will be an inspiration and a fascinating reference. Toile de Jouy...the rest of the story can be enjoyed in this fabulous book.

Reviewer: Varinia C. Rangel, FIDM Library Staff Member