March 2003



A one-stop site for all your graphic needs.

This well-linked resource was formerly known as The new, improved site is more aptly named but contains the same amount of information on graphic design aimed at both the student and the professional. You can find free downloads and other information resources for filters, fonts, images, templates, plug-in ware, etc.

This website takes you a step further with tips, tutorials, and articles that could be extremely useful for whatever level of practice in graphic design you have achieved.

The archived articles provide even the most seasoned artist with a wealth of art, graphics, and web designs from other talented professionals. "Training Your Creative Self: Five Tips for Ultra-Creativity" by Angela Booth could help those who need to get their creative juices flowing. "Why Art" by Joseph Devon, can help those needing to understand why they are in such a creative field. Are you lost in the world of insider lingo? Do you know what you want but can't find it anywhere? Check out the section on "Software Specific Tips" and learn more about Canvas or Flash or any of the other programs. Click on "Artist in the Spotlight" and "New Portfolios" and prepare to be blown away by the work of graphic artists. If this doesn't inspire you, nothing will.

A graphic design enthusiast could learn much on this site, but be prepared to spend a lot of time discovering all of its different components. This is truly one site you won't want to miss.

Reviewer: Nancy Thorne, FIDM Library Staff Member, O.C.