March 2002

Topiary and the Art of Training Plants

Firefly Publishing Ltd.

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The Appeal Of The Living Ornament...

Topiary is the art of turning ordinary bushes and hedges into interesting shapes such as cones or animals. These designs can be as simple as weaving a spiral design through a tree for an unusual effect or creating a herd of horses with ivy. The possibilities are endless.

In abc Topiary and the Art of Training Plants xyz by David Joyce, the appeal of creating with plants is fully explained, including the history of topiary in a well-designed and informative book. From simple shapes on stems to elaborately embroidered parterres (repetitive symmetrical patterns), everything you always wanted to know about plants as sculpture is laid out as neatly as a geometric hedge.

abc Topiary and the Art of Training Plants xyz is packed full of ideas, inspiration and step-by-step illustrations. Diagrams showing how to train the most widely used hedging plants such as hornbeam, boxwood and yew are easy to read and follow. Instructions for creating an animal topiary on a wire frame are also explained. From start to finish, each page promises something special and unusual for any garden, large or small.

Reviewer: Cynthia Hayes., FIDM Library Staff Member