June 2013



Bored during presentations? Bored during your own presentations? You need Prezi. Prezi is not just a website; it is a free online tool for making dynamic presentations. Instead of a slideshow, you create a storyboard, zooming out for big picture ideas, zooming in for details, or spinning everything upside down just for kicks. Try it out and learn some tips below!


You can make a presentation from scratch, use a stylish, free template, or upload a PowerPoint file. Be sure to check out Reusable Prezis under the Explore tab; here you will find even more (millions!) free templates designed by the Prezi community. Learning the design interface is pretty intuitive, but there are lots of helpful tutorials on the site if you get stuck. You can insert images, sound, and video. Best of all, designing is fun!

Color choices and fonts are somewhat limited, but the choices are all contemporary. You can invite up to 10 collaborators to edit a presentation - great for group projects! Once your Prezi is made, you can log in to present anytime, download it, or email a special link out for a live presentation to an audience in another location! Here is a collage inspired Prezi about Coco Chanel:


People have started using Prezi for more than just presentations. There are prezum├ęs, portfolios, and contests! Signing up is free; even better is students and educators can get an educational version giving you more cloud space and the option to make your Prezis private. Try Prezi and you may find yourself addicted to designing your homework and getting As with fancy, engaging presentations!

Reviewed by FIDM Library Staff Member Laura ten Pas