June 2012



Fathomaway.com is an amazing website for those who like to travel and those who aspire to travel. At its core, this website is a collection of city guides for some of the most traveled cities around the globe. Each guide contains recommendations for where to eat, sleep, and shop, as well as sample itineraries. What sets this website apart is the ability to search by your reason for travel or the type of travel you will be doing such as Culture, Food, Romance, Kids, Scenery, Chill, etc. Here you will find a variety of articles such as “Road Trips through the States” and “How Locals Spend a Sunday: Paris.”

Some of the top cities covered include Paris, New York, Berlin, and Los Angeles.

Another great feature of this website is the “Tools” tab at the top of the page. There are tools and resources for comparing airfare, tracking flights, choosing a hotel, renting a car, etc. There is even information on applying for or renewing your passport. Because we live in a digital/smartphone age, Fathom even suggests apps for you to download to your iPhone or Android. For those looking to purchase some travel gadgets such as luggage scale or a universal adapter, you can go to the shop and purchase whatever you may need. This website is a must-see for travelers who want to be prepared for their next great adventure.

Reviewed by FIDM Library Staff Member Monika Earle