June 2012

Mirror, Mirror

Presented By:
Relativity Media

Run Time 106.0

Let the Fairy Tale Feud begin! The first of this year’s two films based on Snow White has been released. Mirror, Mirror is definitely the lighter, family version, while Snow White and the Huntsman will be the darker, action film. So be warned, Mirror, Mirror is definitely a kid-friendly movie with no bloody fighting, no bad language, and most of the jokes are pretty clean. Find some kids to see this with, and just enjoy it being light and fluffy.

In this version, the Evil Queen, played triumphantly by Julia Roberts, is looking for a way to cover her debts from extravagant living and delights in treating Snow White abominably. In a modern twist, Snow goes on to be the major force in righting wrongs and fighting the good fight. The storyline is not terribly deep, so neither is the acting, but the actors – including Lily Collins, Armie Hammer, and Nathan Lane - do a fine job.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film, especially since it was made by one of my favorite film teams of director Tarsem Singh and costume designer Eiko Ishioka (who sadly passed away in January). The look of the film is pure fairy tale, over–the–top glamour, with stunningly elaborate sets that never pretend to be anything but movie sets and some of the best-looking, most extravagant and original costumes around.

If you don’t like fairy tale fantasy, you can catch the other version very soon.

Reviewer: Michael Black, FIDM Museum Coordinator