June 2011



Infomat.com is the online home of the Infomat Company. The website is very similar to Google or Bing in the sense that it is a search engine that will direct you to other websites and products. One difference, however, is that it is divided into three specific categories: Learning, Home, and Fashion.

“Learning” is a place for parents to help their students (pre-K through 8th grade) with activities to help children learn and challenge themselves. It is divided into various school subject matters like math, science, and art. It offers links to games, software, and books on the subjects and is categorized by grades.

“Home” is a place where viewers can learn and gain knowledge about interiors and other aspects of beautifying and renovating a house. It explores trends, offers information on how to cut costs and information on eco-friendly products, and offers inspiration to fit a particular theme or lifestyle. It is divided into three subcategories; styles, which offers information on different home themes, like country or modern, and rooms, which breaks down the different parts of the home. This section is currently under construction and should be back up shortly.

“Fashion” is a section where you can get inspiration to fit your style and read the latest trends. It offers help in comparing brands and products, and is broken down into three sub categories: Styles, Products, and Occasion. Styles offers information and advice on themes such as bohemian, preppy, and street; Products focuses on different items of apparel such as accessories, shoes, and intimates; and Occasion offers advice on what to wear to the office, beach. or a party.

Reviewer: Alex Kosztowny, FIDM Library Staff Member