June 2010

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The International Magazine of Design

abc Architectural Digest xyz is the premier magazine pertaining to Interior Design. The tenor of this magazine is decidedly upscale and luxurious. Their bread and butter is featuring and showcasing the celebrity home. Recent editions have included: Trey Parker’s Japanese-influenced Colorado retreat, Jennifer Aniston’s showcase Los Angeles property, Sting’s London townhouse, Gerard Butler’s New York loft, and the Tuscan hideaway of director Robert Zemeckis.

The key to abc Architectural Digest xyz and what truly sets it apart from other interior design magazines is the access and detail provided by the design professionals involved in these particular projects. Designers discuss how they collaborate with their patrons, how they bring their vision from idea to reality. More often than not, the location and history of a property will lend itself to dictating the overall design esthetic. Does the property have a spectacular view? How do you make the most of a wide open loft? How do you decorate a turn–of–the–century historic landmark location and still incorporate all of the modern conveniences that high-profile clients demand and expect?

Each month abc Architectural Digest xyz features a different fantastic hotel from around the world. It is a real treat to travel vicariously via the amazing pictures that explore everywhere from Ghent to Beijing. Talk about your armchair traveler! The photography in this magazine is literally second to none, and the decorating tips and ideas freely given within the pages are something for which you would pay top dollar. abc Architectural Digest xyz has a sterling reputation as the magazine of record for the Interior Design industry, and its storied and respected history has been well earned.

Reviewer: Monika Earle, FIDM Library Staff Member