June 2009


Modern Luxury Media, LLC

  • 5455 Wilshire Boulevard, St. 1412
  • Los Angeles, CA

(323) 930-9400


$40.00 per year per year

abc Angeleno xyz is not for the typical southern Californian. No, that L.A. resident reads Los Angeles Magazine and lives a decidedly ordinary life. The reader of this magazine leads an elegant and luxurious life. The first thing you notice is that this magazine is well photographed, polished and glossy.

abc Angeleno xyz magazine covers all of the best parties in and around town; you will see who went to what parties and who they went with. The coverage makes you feel like you are there in person. Instant access and no getting turned away at the door! Another fantastic feature is the exquisite fashion layouts. The photography is so good that it rivals your favorite fashion magazine such as abc Vogue xyz or abc W xyz . Even the most ardent fashionista will be impressed. As an added bonus, the trend information is right on point.

This magazine also prints a monthly dining guide broken down by neighborhood guaranteed to recommend a culinary delight. The listings are decidedly upscale, however, they are fantastic if you are looking to treat yourself or if you have a special occasion coming up and you aren't sure where to go. Every month brings a different in-depth celebrity interview. These interviews are well written and go far beyond the usual movie plug masquerading as publicity.

Reviewer: Monika Earle, FIDM Library Staff Member