June 2009

Latin American Graphic Design

Taschen Books

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abc Latin American Graphic Design xyz is a lavishly illustrated survey of Latin American graphic expression, covering the 20th century up to the present day. The book has been designed in a "user friendly" fashion, with a historical essay anchoring the volume, which explores the evolution and contributions of Latin American graphic design beginning around 1900. Following this essay is the heart of the book, which highlights the work of nearly 200 designers and design agencies, each profiled in a 2-3 page entry which features full color examples of work, along with a brief overview and appreciation.

The entries are presented in A-to-Z directory format. Following the core section of the book is a useful index, which lists key information for each designer or agency in the book, such as contact information, publications credits, educational affiliations, and awards. Text is in English, German and French. Overall, this is handsome, ambitious survey, weighing in at over 500 pages, is an important and vibrant addition to world design literature.

Reviewer: Evan Carlson, FIDM Library Staff Member