June 2008


Interweave Press LLC

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  • Loveland, CO

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Everyone is crazy about knitting these days, and new knitting magazines are popping up left and right.  Without a doubt abc Knitscene xyz is the best new knitting magazine to be published recently.   abc Knitscene xyz is actually a special publication from Interweave Press, and it’s only released twice a year.  Too bad, since the content is so great you'll be wishing for more issues.  So many knitting magazines fill up their issues with blather about new products, articles you know you should read but never get around to, and of course a generous dose of advertising.  Not that any of this is a particularly bad thing, but this is what sets abc knitscene xyz apart.  There’s usually about 1 page of product recommendations, a couple full pages of ads, and then you can dive right into the knitting patterns.   abc Knitscene xyz does have articles, but they're fun, succinct, and have lots of great illustrations.

The style of the knitting patterns also sets abc Knitscene xyz apart from the rest of the crowd.  Knitting and crochet are both included, and in the most recent issue, they even published a little cross-stitch pattern.  These aren't patterns that your grandma, or even your mother, is used to.   abc Knitscene xyz is full of fun and super stylish patterns that echo trends from the runways and retail.  These are the kind of patterns that can get you out of the knitting doldrums and really light a fire under your needles.  Maybe it’s a good thing they don't publish more issues.  You'll want to knit so many of the patterns in each issue, you'll need some working time before the next one!

Reviewer: Robin Dodge, FIDM Library Staff Member