June 2007




abc Stores xyz is the monthly magazine of the National Retail Federation (NRF), and stores.org is its online home. Like the magazine, the website focuses on the global retail industry.

The site provides highlights from the latest issues of abc Stores xyz , it aggregates retail news from many different online sources, and, most importantly, it offers unique content like web seminars and detailed lists of top retail companies.

These seminars and lists are free and easily accessible. Recent interactive web seminars include “Across the Pond: What North American Retailers Can Learn From Their European Counterparts” and “The Impact Of Wireless Technology On The Retail Industry.” Also, the site houses the annual abc Stores xyz supplements, like the Top 100 Retailers and Hot 100 Retailers. These lists include information on revenues, earnings, and number of stores, as well as the annual percentage change of each. The site also publishes its Top 250 Global Retailers, which includes in-depth analysis of the forces driving the retail industry worldwide. Finally, the Retail Industry Buying Guide, another annual supplement to abc Stores xyz , can be searched by keyword or browsed by category.

The user interface of stores.org is simple, though it takes some navigating to get to the best content. And keep in mind that the site’s intended audience is senior retail executives. However, those wishing to research the retail industry or learn more about the issues concerning retail management will find this site, as well as its parent nrf.com, a useful starting point.

Reviewer: Jeremy Salfen, FIDM Library Staff Member, S.F.