June 2007

Fashion Babylon

Atria Books

  • 1230 Avenue of the Americas
  • New York , NY

(800) 456-6798

Do you like the creativity, drama and suspense of abc Project Runway xyz ? Then you will love Imogen Edwards-Jones’ newest book, abc Fashion Babylon xyz .

abc Fashion Babylon xyz is a fast-paced romp through the ins and outs of an up-and-coming designer’s collection, from design inspiration to textile sourcing, catty models to catwalks. Edwards-Jones interviewed numerous top designers in the fashion industry and used this book to tell their stories. While the book’s main character is fictional, the incidents included are true, compiled here into one compelling read.

The book begins with the close of a spring/summer runway show and takes the reader through the challenges and successes involved in creating the fall/winter line. Not unlike the drama of abc Project Runway xyz , the designer in abc Fashion Babylon xyz faces inspirational block, derogatory tabloid press, impending deadlines, backstabbing allies, financial distress, and all the other glories of the fashion industry on her way to New York Fashion Week. The characters and events keep you turning the pages: will her line succeed? Or will she end up another washed-up, broke, has-been?

Unlike how other books approach the fashion industry from a distance, abc Fashion Babylon xyz gives an up close and personal experience of designing a small independent line. It doesn’t shy away from the stresses and scandals, and it is a fun puzzle to guess which real-world designers offered their anecdotes for anonymous inclusion. Whether you’re an aspiring designer or simply a fashion aficionado, abc Fashion Babylon xyz is an enjoyable read for everyone.

Reviewer: Rachel Clarke, FIDM Library Staff Member