June 2006



First View (www.firstview.com) is by far the largest fashion website with the most viewership.  It is a database of collections from international fashion designers and the first to ever facilitate such access. 

This site filled a void in the quest to view top fashion designer shows.  Due to such elite status, it is highly difficult to even be considered to attend such prestigious affairs. These shows, being only presented twice a year (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter), would eventually be featured in magazine spreads or news briefs but only in a much edited form.  First View was able to offer each and every look such designers would send down the catwalk would the ability to zoom in on one particular picture at a time. 

First View also presents a fashion calendar of major upcoming international fashion shows.  Every other season a city’s fashion week will be featured which will give it free global awareness.  The site also consistently works on featuring more designers from every other fashion city.  Although past collections (going back almost ten years) are free to view, the most recent ones can be seen for $5.95 per hour. 

They have been able to offer the most dedicated of clients the ability to actually purchase shows on video.  This option was yet another revolutionary act for a website to carry.  For their latest feature, they are now going wireless and mobile phone ready.  First View is a website that has kept current with the times and that in itself is a secret to its success.

Reviewer: Francisco Murillo, FIDM Library Staff Member