June 2005

Real Simple

Time, Inc.

  • Rockefeller Center
  • New York, NY



Monthly except bi-monthly December/January

19.95 per year/$29.95 for Canada per year

Whether you are looking for beautiful layouts and product styling, tips on everything from cooking to gift-giving to picking a vacuum cleaner, or reviews of the best products in hundreds of categories, pick up a copy of abc Real Simple xyz magazine in the FIDM Library and you will not be disappointed. 

abc Real Simple xyz magazine’s regular features include:

  • Fashion coverage and tips on how to wear new fashions for the women’s contemporary market.
  • “Know how…” a section that explains how to do everything from balancing your checkbook to writing a thank you note to packing a suitcase.
  • “The Guide” of product reviews of everything from nail polish to garbage cans to scissors.  The Guide includes photos and shopping information.
  • The Aha! Use section, which gives new ideas for using everyday products, and can be used as inspiration for variations on a theme and repackaging.

abc Real Simple xyz advertisers represent upscale brands for the upper-middle class demographic.  The articles, photo layouts, and tip sections are peppered with relevant quotes from popular films, books, television and songs.  Anyone from Gustav Flaubert to Spongebob Squarepants might be quoted in the next issue of abc Real Simple.  xyz Check it out for yourself!

Reviewer: Jennifer Runden, FIDM Library Staff Member