June 2004



abc Fashion.about.com xyz is one of the many informative web sites in the About.com network. The site is maintained by Cynthia Nellis, a journalist who has over 15 years experience in the fashion industry. According to Nellis, abc fashion.about.com xyz can be used to "shop great boutiques from home, browse through runway collections, check out reviews and new designers like a pro or just get enough information to keep updated on fashion."

Included as part of this site are such headings as:

  • Essentials (dressing for special occasions, what to wear)
  • Fashion Offers (Plus size clothing, Fendi handbags)
  • Articles & Resources (Latest trends, style basics)

The site contains a wealth of information useful to both fashion insiders and lay people. There is no shortage of advice columns, covering everything from "what to wear to your high school reunion" to "how to hide those five extra pounds." For students, the "day in the life of" section may be especially insightful. Here, the reader gets a play-by-play account of a fashion industry professional’s typical day, written by the professionals themselves. The site also contains a ton of great links, including fashion history, runway shows and online shopping.

Fashion.about.com is a valuable resource, which combines thoughtful reporting on the latest trends with advice on where to shop for the look of the day. If you're not sure what to wear with your new mini skirt, or want to know what a haute couture designer does from 9 to 5, check out this site. Cynthia Nellis is waiting to be your "Guide to Women’s Fashion."

Reviewer: Meghan Gaynor, FIDM Library Staff Member