June 2004

Vogue Bambini

Conde Nast

  • Piazza Castello 27
  • Milan, ITALY 20121



5,20 (Euro) per year

It isn't enough that the Italians have the best tailored suits for men, the most gorgeous women’s clothing and the sexiest stilettos ever to walk the face of the earth, now they’ve got the most adorable clothing for infants, toddlers and kids.

Vogue Bambini is the children’s fashion bible. Baby Gap or Osh Kosh B’Gosh is child’s play compared to the petite haute couture that is splashed across the pages of this esteemed publication. The models in here could give some of the Vogue supermodels a run for their money; their smiles are far more captivating than any of the senior publications pouty faces du jour. The clothing is breathtakingly detailed and reminiscent of every childhood dream of the fanciest party dress. Confections of lace, embroidery and silk are not just for mama anymore, vibrantly colored strappy sandals made just for teeny tiny feet wiggle in between pages of Gianfranco Ferre’s latest designs for baby and ideas for furnishing the nursery and play room in all the latest furniture styles and colors.

Alive with color, whimsy and imagination, Vogue Bambini is like a deliciously illustrated fairy tale. It is inspiring for fashion design majors interested in pursuing children’s fashion. It reflects the growing interest in the market geared towards parents whose incomes afford them the luxury of buying designer duds for their nursery school fashionistas and the discriminate tastes of a kindergartener.

Reviewer: Melissa Rubio, FIDM Library Staff Member