June 2003

Retail Design & Visual Presentation

Visual Reference Publications

  • 302 5th Avenue
  • New York, NY



This magazine, which premiered July 2002, is a feast for the eyes. It combines two venerable publications, abc Store Planning and Design Review xyz and abc Views and Reviews xyz into one brand new magazine featuring remarkable photography and top designers. When I first saw an issue of this magazine, I thought it looked remarkably like a Martin Pegler book. Martin Pegler edited a number of books including the Stores series (Stores of the Year, Store Windows) and in checking out this magazine, you find that Mr. Pegler does indeed have a major hand in this publication as well. Each issue is like a smaller version of one of his books, and features articles, and of course beautiful photographs of store designs, exhibit designs, showroom designs, window presentations, visual merchandising, as well as reviews of recent trade shows.

In every issue you will also find an interview with a featured designer and their responses to questions posed by the magazine regarding the putting together of their presentations. In a recent interview, Christine Belich of Sony Style, a high-tech electronics store, gave insights into her inspiration, visual tricks she used, and what exactly goes into doing a store window. Coupled with the vibrant photographs of the displays, the interview comes alive and allows the reader to choose from a variety of ideas.

My favorite section of the magazine is the monthly "Behind the Scenes" which highlights a project, and gives you inside information on the goings on of a particular display or the launching of a new design. A recent issue featured the prize-winning interior design of a McDonalds unlike any you have seen before. This franchise, which opened in a 1904 New York building, used the 17,000 square foot area to create a showplace that is Broadway inspired yet does justice to the building’s roots.
Always entertaining and informative, enjoy this feast that is the new abc Retail Design and Visual Presentation xyz !

Reviewer: Melissa Thorne and Marytza Rubio, FIDM Library Staff Members, O.C.