June 2003

Breaking Ground: Portraits Of Ten Garden Designers

Artisan (Division Of Workman Publishing Company, Inc.)

  • 708 Broadway
  • New York , NY

If you are a gardening enthusiast, abc Breaking Ground xyz is a marvelous book that is sure to inspire you. Even the weekend gardener will find this book informative and worthwhile. Featured within are ten American and European Designers, each giving a wealth of detail and vision as they describe each garden project they undertook. I really enjoyed all the bold and beautiful photographs that literally fill page after page of this exquisite book.

abc Breaking Ground xyz Examines Gardens From Such Unique Regions As:

  • Provence, France
  • Northern Maine
  • Southern California
  • New York City
  • Phoenix, Arizona

An underlying theme of this book, repeated by the designers over and over is that it is possible to design a garden in a manner that is environmentally friendly as well as creative. An unusual and practical feature of the book is the afterward by Page Dickey in which she describes how she is applying what she has learned from each designer to her own garden in New York State. This would be a useful book to choose for all nature lovers. I am giving two thumbs up to abc Breaking Ground xyz !

Reviewer: Delois de la Peña, FIDM Library Staff Member