July 2012

Artforum International

Artforum International

  • 350 Seventh Avenue
  • New York, NY



10 times per year

$46.00 per year

Artforum International is an essential periodical to understand what is happening in the universal art community right now. As well as having an online presence, the Artforum print magazine is still in circulation. First printed in the U.S. in 1962, the magazine’s title was changed to Artforum International two decades later. This magazine provides manifesto–style essays on issues devoted to art archives, plus statements from established artists as well as those on the rise. All media is covered, including books, film, and news.

According to the Oxford Dictionary of 20th–Century Art, "It is the leading American journal in its field, well produced and illustrated, attracting contributions from many well–known avant–garde artists, and often serving as an arena for controversy." Read contemporary criticism of major shows and study essays on trends that have evolved into movements. Through profiles, dialogues, and articles, discover forgotten facts about the artists, collectors, art dealers, and historians who have influenced the art world. Spotlight reports preview exhibit openings around the globe.

Three times a year Artforum looks ahead to the coming season with dates for events, galleries, museums, and artists. Browse as a travel guide to Europe, Asia, North America, and locations in between and on the edge such as Russia and New Zealand. Directories to cities on the art tourist’s destination wish list can be found on each page or by checking the scene at www.artforuminternational.com.

Reviewed by FIDM Library Staff Member Glenda Ronduen