July 2011

Fashion Unraveled

East Bay Fashion Resource

  • 1570 North Edgemont Street #102
  • Los Angeles , CA


Jennifer Lynn Matthews' Fashion Unraveled provides a comprehensive look into the operations of an independent fashion design business to create a guide for entrepreneurs, designers, and students.

Beginning with an overview of the concept of branding and the dynamics of the branding process, Matthews explains how to apply these concepts to the different categories of the fashion brand, for example, the luxury brand and private label.

A snapshot of the key changes in the second edition include an examination of:

  • the concept of "mass customization" and "M-branding," and their influence on retail branding
  • the major features and characteristics of the fashion industry, focusing on its segments: customers, strategies, and current and future trends
  • a balanced mix of theory and analysis
  • definitions, terms, mini case-studies, discussion, and a section of review questions

Writing in an engaging and personal style, Matthews' role as author changes to personal mentor, as she shares her personal experience (with success and failure). Fashion Unraveled is a valuable resource to those looking to gain a better understanding of branding and how to successfully apply the concepts discussed to a career in the fashion industry.

Reviewer: Lucy Bellamy, FIDM Library Staff Member