July 2010



Established in 1933, the Screen Actors Guild, based in Hollywood, California, boasts over 120,000 members from all arenas of the motion picture and television industries. With a rich history central to the film scene, the Guild has been piloted by legends such as Ronald Reagan, Charlton Heston, and Patty Duke. A membership–based association requiring sponsorship for entry, SAG has used its ranks and prestige in the entertainment world and the community–at–large to lobby to protect actors’ wages and working conditions while looking after the rights of artists.

Students who are interested in various facets of entertainment will benefit from being familiar with the Screen Actors Guild, whether or not they decide to pursue sponsorship. Even without a membership, working professionals browsing the SAG.org website will find useful information, including:

  • Contact information for heads of branches throughout the nation
  • Up–to–date contracts for rates, benefits, and liability offerings for theatrical film, television, commercial, industrial, educational, and new media divisions for members
  • Contact information for specific needs, including background actors, stuntpeople, singers, dancers, and music video production

Although non–members have limited access, SAG.org presents summaries on the Guild’s outreach to young performers, often featuring video interviews with young industry professionals, providing an introduction to researching the organization. SagIndie, a division of the Screen Actors Guild, may be an appropriate resource for more in–depth industry news, as the site is extensive and includes a regularly updated blog and events page, accessible to non-members.

Reviewer: Julia Dittberner, FIDM Library Staff Member